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Real Estate Segment

Apollo’s real estate group has a dedicated team of multi-disciplinary real estate professionals whose investment activities are integrated and coordinated with Apollo’s private equity and credit business segments.  We take a broad view of markets and property types in targeting debt and equity investment opportunities, including the acquisition and recapitalization of real estate portfolios, platforms and operating companies and distressed for control situations.  As of March 31, 2017, Apollo’s real estate group had assets under management of approximately $12 billion through a combination of investment funds, strategic accounts and Apollo Commercial Real Estate Finance, Inc. (NYSE:ARI), a publicly-traded commercial mortgage real estate investment trust managed by an Apollo affiliate.


Apollo’s real estate group has a local presence in North America, Europe and Asia and actively pursues investment opportunities in each of these geographies.  With respect to our equity investments, Apollo takes a value-oriented approach and will invest in assets located in primary and secondary markets.  The firm begins with an in-depth market analysis to identify asset classes, geographies and parts of the capital structure we believe will outperform in the current economic environment.  We then pursue opportunistic investments in various real estate asset classes, which historically have included hospitality, office, industrial, retail, healthcare, residential and non-performing loans. 


With respect to Apollo’s debt activities, we offer financing across a broad spectrum of property types and at various points within a property’s capital structure, including first mortgage and mezzanine financing and preferred equity.  Our ability to underwrite and close transactions with complexity in execution, operations or structure has led to our reputation as a solutions provider for sponsors in need of capital.  In connection with Apollo’s credit group, we also manage strategic accounts focused on investing in commercial mortgage-backed securities and other real-estate related securities.