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Co-Head of Global Structured Finance

Mr. Ehsani is the Co-Head of Global Structured Finance responsible for Apollo’s fund investments in Principal Structured Finance, including all Insurance Linked Investments, Emerging Markets, Infrastructure/Project Finance and Alternative Complex Assets. Prior to joining Apollo in 2010, Mr. Ehsani served in a number of senior positions at a variety of multinational organizations including Citigroup, Swiss Re and InsCap Management. Mr. Ehsani has also held several other high-level positions in multi-national companies. He spent over ten years at The World Bank, where he held various positions including Principal Financial Officer, responsible for the Bank’s activities in the derivatives markets and its multi-billion dollar borrowing programs.  Mr. Ehsani has also served as President and CEO of Marsh McLennan Securities and MMC Enterprise Risk Management where he managed a large team of brokers and financial representatives worldwide.

Mr. Ehsani holds a Doctorate degree in Energy Economics from Sorbonne University and École Nationale Supérieure du Pétrole et des Moteurs and a post-MSc degree from the French Petroleum Institute engineering school. He is the author of three publications and has lectured at the University of Paris.